Crane Safety Starts Here

The Crane Industry Council of Australia has developed a system that will revolutionise pre-starts. 
It is called StartSafe, and is available as an app.

StartSafe is accessible anywhere, anytime on your mobile device.

Information from the pre-start is sent back to the business, so that the maintenance team can see the condition
of the crane even if it is working remotely.

StartSafe provides confidence to crane owners, because they have documented evidence that  pre-start inspections
on their cranes are being completed to the highest standard. 

This system benefits both crane owners and operators because StartSafe provides a machine specific pre-start checklist,
with photos - to continue to deliver the highest standards of safety, quality, and accountability for our industry.  

Introducing StartSafe

Download the StartSafe Benefits

The Crane Industry Council of Australia

CICA is the national peak body for the crane industry providing the opportunity for owners, marketers and end users to come together through united efforts to represent and progress the industry nationally.

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